Queen Margaret’s School
About Queen Margaret’s School:
About Queen Margaret’s School
“Servite Fortiter”

“QMS is not just three little letters...it has given me the best friends I have ever had and it has taught me to accept myself for all that I am..."

~ Elizabeth, QMS Alumna

Nowadays Queen Margaret’s School is a private Academic day & boarding school and offers programs for girls as well as for boys. This school welcomes students all around the world and provides unique programs that prepare students for university and for higher education, but the most important that the school helps students to achieve a comprehensive development for them to succeed in their future life.

The school got 280 thousand Canadian dollars of scholarship in 2014! And the amount is supposed to be higher in 2015!

Lessons are structured in the way that the classes are small (1 teacher for 8 students), in order to challenge and to pay attention to each student individually. The school is a home of 340 students and more than 40 horses. So children in Grades 4 through 12 may choose to ride for fun, or compete, in the optional Train to Ride (TTR) Program. Queen Margaret’s School is the only high school in Canada where young riders can take lessons within their school day, as well as during evening and weekend hours. So owing to a flexible timetable a student will be well-educated athletically, artistically and socially.


The school was named after the Queen Margaret's School in Scarborough, England, where Miss Denny, one of the founder of the school in Canada, had attended as a boarder.


The school’s coat of arms is an amalgam of heraldic symbols from schools attended by both Miss Norah Creina Denny and Miss Dorothy Rachel Geoghegan, founders of the school.


The motto of the school is “Servite Fortiter” means Serve Ye Bravely. As it is understood from the motto Queen Margaret’s School provides students with many opportunities to be involved in service-related activities, for example:

  • Thanksgiving Food Chain
  • Jump Rope for Heart
  • Fundraising
  • Helping out at local seniors homes
  • Growing food at QMS Garden
  • Working at the hospital
  • Participating in such activities students became more aware of their capability to help others and to change others life.

Today school is a member of:
  • Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS)
  • Federation of Independent School Associations (FISA)
  • Independent Schools Association of British Columbia (ISABC)
  • The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS)
  • The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)

You will be impressed by the picturesqueness of the place where the school is built. Queen Margaret’s School is located in Vancouver Island, Canada, in the spectacular Cowichan Valley, in the heart of the Warm Lands.

Picturesque landscapes, fresh air and amazing mountains will not leave anyone indifferent. The climate is the mildest in Canada

Location Canada

Queen Margaret’s School was founded by Miss Norah Creina Denny and Miss Dorothy Rachel Geoghegan as a girls only private school.

These two women had been teaching individually in different schools, but their dreams and common views on the world united them and helped to lay a foundation to a new school.

As the founders of the school said their dream was to "send students out into the world with the stamp of the school (QMS) upon them, and its ideas in their hearts". And their dream came true, as today the school is one of the top boarding schools in Canada.

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Mission and values
Mission and values

The main mission of the school is to provide students with a challenging and enriched educational experience and to prepare them for the university. Queen Margaret’s School helps each student to achieve the highest results in all spheres and to become a responsible inhabitant of a society.

Core Values of Queen Margaret’s School

  1. Queen Margaret’s School provides a favorable environment for students, that includes: an emphasis on critical thinking, challenging, relevant and changing curriculum approaches to meet 21st century skills, specialist teachers and student leadership opportunities.
  2. Queen Margaret’s is a small school where teachers influence positively each student and learn them a sense of community in building relationships with one another.
  3. Queen Margaret’s School is a culturally diverse community that shares different views and insights about the world, that helps to broaden the outlook of students and to teach them to live in harmony with others.
  4. Queen Margaret’s school nurtures a strong sense of social responsibility in students. This is expressed through a great variety of on and off campus activities, flexible and convenient curriculum and values the school teaches every student.