Phillips Exeter Academy
About Phillips Exeter Academy:
“FINIS ORIGINE PENDET” means “The end depends upon the beginning”.

Phillips Exeter Academy is a co-educational boarding school, enrolling students of grades 9-12. Today, Phillips Exeter Academy has about 1,000 students in grades 9-11. The academic year is divided into trimesters, with holidays in the middle of December, middle of March and early June.

Phillips Exeter Academy offers 400 courses in 18 subject areas. The student to teacher ratio is 5:1. Phillips Exeter Academy offers students to learn a great variety of languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Latin and Greek.

Phillips Exeter Academy is famous for its innovation methods of teaching and system of instruction, known as Harkness education, a system focused on the method of the conference of teacher and student interaction, based on asking questions and providing discussion.


Phillips Exeter Academy is located in Exeter, a southern New Hampshire, in the historic New England region, and is considered to be one of the oldest boarding school in USA.

It is about 45 minutes from the airport Manchester.

Location USA

Phillips Exeter Academy was established in 1781 by Dr. John Phillips, a tallented graduate of Harvard, and his wife Elizabeth.

The first building of a school was built on a site on Tan Lane in 1783 and now the school stands not far from its original place.

On April 9, 1930 Edward Harkness, an oil magnate, donate a great sum of money to school and wrote that that money should be used on finding new teaching and learning methods. As a result a Harkness teaching appeared and is still practicing in the school.

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Mission and values

The Facilities Management mission is to provide safe, efficient, and expert support to the Academy's Mission by:

  1. Operating and maintaining the Academy's physical environment.
  2. Providing campus planning and engineering services.
  3. Constructing and renovating facilities.
  4. Championing environmentally and socially conscious behavior.
  5. Providing a safe and secure campus.

The core values and associated characteristics of the Facilities Management Department are in alignment with the Academy's core values:

  1. Respect – (goodness).
  2. Excellence – (work ethic, education, knowledge).
  3. Non-sibi – (cooperation and collaboration).
  4. Trust – (honesty, and integrity).
  5. Championing environmentally and socially conscious behavior.