Lakefield College School
About Lakefield College School:
About Lakefield College School
“Mens Sana In Corpore Sano”
means "A sound mind in a sound body".

Lakefield College School is one of the best private boarding school in Canada. It is a co-educational school. The school became the first member of Round Square in Canada.

The school annually distributes approximately $1.6M in financial assistance. Each 25% of students receive this financial assistance in a form of scholarship or bursary.

The main aim of the school is the maximum and individual training of each student and preparing them for a university.

It is a great school for those students who enjoy an active way of life, as the school has its own yacht club and the mountaineering school, and many other spot clubs. The school has all necessary facilities for a harmonious development of a student: 4 tennis courts, 4 sports fields, running track, 3 basketball courts, climbing wall, and new gymnasium, waterfront with boathouse, canoes, sailboats and kayaks, dining hall, chapel, Trust State Theatre, 8 music rooms, dance studio, art room, science labs, library, student lounges, and health center with 24-hour nurse available.

The school is in association with:
  • The Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario (CIS)
  • Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS)
  • Round Square

Lakefield College School is located north of the village of Lakefield, Ontario.

The school’s campus is a a 155-acre territory surrounded by woods and large fields, just on the east shore of Lake Katchewanooka.

Location Canada

LCS was founded in 1879 by Sam Strickland and Col. Sparham Sheldrake. It was originally named Sparham Sheldrake's Preparatory School for Boys or The Grove and was originally located only on 25 acres. In 1895 Reverend Alexander Mackenzie bought the school and became the Headmaster. And later the name of the school was changed to Lakefield Preparatory School and in 1966 it was renamed Lakefield College School. The school expanded and became a co-ed school.

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Mission and values
Mission and values

The mission of the school is to challenge and enable our students to reach their individual potential in mind, body and spirit.

  1. Education of the Whole Person — A commitment to the broad development of the intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual and physical qualities needed to lead a fulfilling life
  2. Trust — A shared belief in the moral strength, character and reliability of each member of our community that results in feelings of mutual confidence and mutual respect
  3. Healthy, Caring Community — The belief in the dignity and worth of all individuals. We embrace diversity; we encourage empathy, acceptance and a balanced lifestyle
  4. Individuality — By celebrating the unique gifts and qualities brought by the individual to the community, we encourage the development of personal values in the context of responsibility to the community and to oneself
  5. Learning — By engaging in a variety of meaningful learning experiences, LCS encourages curiosity, promotes collaborative problem solving, and instills an enduring passion for life-long learning
  6. Citizenship — Through service to others and the development of leadership skills, we encourage our students to become thoughtful, constructive and contributing members of the local and global community
  7. Environmental Stewardship — Through our unique campus and programs, our students are inspired to become leaders with a commitment to global environmental stewardship