Brentwood College
About Brentwood College School:
About Brentwood College School
DE MANU IN MANUM - translated
as “From hand to hand”

Brentwood College School is one of the best private boarding schools in North America. The name of the school has always been associated with a high quality of teaching and innovative approach in the educational process and individual attention to every student.

The future elite of society is studying in this school. New scientific discoveries and achievements in sports are emerging here. In Brentwood College School each student is valued as a unique individual, but at the same time students are taught to work in teams. Brentwood College is a school of future world’s leaders. Graduates of the school become students of the best universities in the world - Harvard, Berkley, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Oxford, UBC, UFT, McGill and many others.

In the school 487 students are enrolled, 397 of which are students staying in school residences. This is the biggest school in Canada by the number of students living on campus. The ideal location of the school on the ocean shore creates a special atmosphere and status of the school.

  • CAIS - Canadian Association of Independent Schools
  • FISA - Federation of Independent School Associations
  • NAIS - National Association of Independent Schools
  • SSATB - Secondary School Admission Test Board
  • TABS - The Association of Boarding Schools
  • WBSA - Western Boarding Schools Association

The school is located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. This place has an amazing climate and it is an environmentally perfect place on the planet. The school is forty kilometers north of Victoria and less than an hour's drive from the ferry terminal and the Victoria International Airport.

The territory of 49 acres is widely regarded as a piece of landscape and architectural creativity.

Location Canada

The school was founded in 1923. And from the first day of its existence, the school has earned the reputation of the best educational establishment in preparing students for universities.

The very first location was in Brentwood Bay near Saanich on Vancouver Island, where the school’s name was derived. The original school was destroyed by fire in 1947, leaving only the chapel intact. The new building of the school opened in September 1961.

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Mission and values
Mission and values

Mission: The Brentwood family opens minds and hearts for life. The Brentwood College is considered to be a school of heart that becomes a family for every student and stays with children for life, and gives everyone the opportunity to be open-minded.

  1. Such values as excellence, integrity, and empathy are vitally important and highly valued at Brentwood.
  2. Grit and Joy
  3. Hard work, industry, and ‘sticktuitiveness’ — GRIT — leads to happiness, positive experience, and community — JOY. Furthermore, unlike marks or championships, GRIT is mostly internally measured and JOY is rarely achieved in front of a computer screen or in isolation — it is mostly a communal experience.