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Balmoral Hall, a university preparatory school, inspires girls to excel, to reach, to lead. Discover our programs from child care – Grade 12, and the complete educational experience we offer just for girls. 

Please complete the following questions to the best of your ability. Once you hit "Submit", a representative from Balmoral Hall Admissions will contact you as soon as possible. (*Red asterisks indicate required fields.)

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Medical Information

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Existing Connections to Balmoral Hall School

Let us know if you have any siblings or relatives who are currently attending, or have attended Balmoral Hall School in the past. Family is important at BH, and we take existing family relationships into account when arranging a new student's program. For example, all siblings are generally placed within the same inter-school "House".

Are there any siblings / relatives currently enrolled in the Balmoral Hall ?*
How many siblings are currently attending, or have attended Balmoral Hall?
House Name
e.g. "Grade 5-9"
e.g. 1995-1999
e.g. "Grade 5-9"
e.g. 1995-1999
e.g. "Grade 5-9"
e.g. 1995-1999
e.g. "Grade 5-9"
e.g. 1995-1999
e.g. "Grade 5-9"
e.g. 1995-1999
e.g. "cousin"
How did you first hear about Balmoral Hall School?*

Application Fee

Balmoral Hall requires an application fee to cover administration of the application and, with respect to the J/K through Senior School programs, a testing and assessment to help determine the best educational course for the student at BH. 

Credit Card, Cheque or International Money Orders are accepted. Cheques and Money Orders should be made out to Balmoral Hall School, and mailed to: 

Balmoral Hall School 
Attn: Bin Dong Jiang
630 Westminster Avenue, 
Winnipeg, MB  R3C 3S1

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