Balmoral Hall School
About Balmoral Hall School:
About Balmoral Hall School
Meliora Petens, means “seeking
better things”.

Balmoral Hall School, a university preparatory school, inspires girls to excel, to reach, to lead. Located in the heart of Winnipeg, (Manitoba, Canada). An independent day and boarding school for girls aged 2 to Grade 12, Balmoral Hall welcomes students from around the world, encouraging them to discover their passions in academics, athletics, and the arts. At Balmoral Hall, girls find a place of belonging through a shared love of learning.

The programs in the school are designed to build confidence, competence and to teach being a meaningful part of something other than self. The school pays a special attention to the education of girls and formation of their personalities. That is why each student has a personal advisor, who pays attention to the student’s study and social life. Teachers of the school conduct classes on curriculum that meets the latest requirements. The school offers courses that will count with further studies at the university.

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5 reasons you should study in this school:
  • Personalized university preparation that begins in grade 8
  • Rigorous course work that includes 15 Advanced Placement (AP) courses
  • Strong visual and performing arts program including dance
  • Nurturing supportive environment designed around how girls learn
  • Newly renovated residence that houses girls from around the world

Balmoral Hall School is located in a 12 acre campus in an urban setting, in a historic neighborhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, along the banks of the scenic Assiniboine River.

The school is situated near various shopping centers, theatres, restaurants, concert venues, parks, libraries and many other interesting places.

Location Canada

Balmoral Hall was founded in 1901 to offer comprehensive all-girls education, as Havergal College, located at 122 Carlton Street, and it was ruled by Miss Mary Jane Dalton.

The name was changed in 1917 to Rupert's Land College, because there was an institution of the same Aikins House was gifted to the United Church of Canada by J. A. M. Aikins upon his death. He bequeathed that the building should be used as a school for girls. Aikins’ son also presented his own home to the school. So the Riverbend School for Girls, was opened in September 1929.

The new school was named Balmoral Hall after Balmoral Castle in Scotland. School began its existence in September 1950, and Miss Gwendolyn Murrell-Wright was the first principle.

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Mission and values
Mission and values

Balmoral Hall, a university preparatory school, inspires girls to excel, to reach, to lead.

  1. The school believes in a comprehensive all girls’ education.
  2. The school believes in the importance of critical and creative thinking.
  3. The school believes that the Balmoral Hall family is compassionate, principled and engaged.
  4. The school believes in developing internationally minded students who take action with courage and conviction.