Appleby College
About Appleby College:
About Appleby College
“Nec temere nec timide” means
“neither rashly nor fearfully”.

Appleby College is a coeducational university preparatory school for Grades 7-12 in Oakville. Appleby College has an average class size of 12 to 16 students. Boarding is offered from grade 9 to 12.

The school promotes all-round development of the student in school, in sports achievements and creative expression. That is why 100% of graduates enter the most prominent universities in Canada, USA and other countries.

Since its early years, the school offers education, which provides a comprehensive academic training, art classes, active participation in sports and developing the skills of volunteer work. With all this 100% of graduates enter universities in Canada, the USA and other countries.

The school is the member of associations:
  • Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS)
  • Oakville Independent Schools (OIS)
  • Round Square
  • G20 Schools

Appleby College is located on a picturesque 60-acre campus in Oakville, Ontario, 50 kilometers west of Toronto.

Oakville is regarded to be a city with the most favorable weather conditions in Canada. Appleby College is situated on a very large area, intelligently divided into academic and residential campuses.

Location Canada

Appleby College was founded in 1911 as Appleby School and firstly 29 students were admitted to this school, and that was a school for boys only. And on 1940s the school was renamed as Appleby College and enrolled 100 students. In 1972 a library and a new science wing was built.In 1991 girls started to be enrolled.

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Mission and values
Mission and values

To educate and enable young men and women to become leaders of character, major contributors to, and valued representatives of their local, national and international communities.

  1. Academically Vital - Pursuing the highest standards of academic excellence in a challenging and supportive environment, Appleby College lays the foundation for university achievement and a lifetime of accomplishment.
  2. Technologically Empowered - Integrating the most advanced technology into all facets of teaching and learning, Appleby College equips students to shape a continually evolving information and communication landscape.
  3. Universally Diverse - Bringing the world to our school and our school to the world, Appleby College prepares students to respect differences and thrive in an intercultural world.
  4. Community Spirited - Gathering students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff on a spectacular 60-acre lakeside campus, Appleby College builds one great community connected for life.
  5. Actively Engaged - Educating mind, body and spirit through extensive arts, athletic and community service programming, Appleby College promotes comprehensive personal development.
  6. Globally Responsible - Creating valuable opportunities for serving people and the planet, Appleby College inspires a lifelong commitment to civic responsibility, global understanding and environmental stewardship.