Albert College
About Albert college:
About Albert college
"Paci Artibusque, Pacis Faveo"
means "I favour peace and the arts of peace"

Albert college is considered to be Canada's oldest co-educational boarding and day school, and the only private school in Belleville. The school provides an education from kindergarten to Grade 12, but boarding students are accepted from Grade 6 (11 - 12 years).

This is a great small school with family atmosphere, where the student’s inner is as much important as his academic excellence. Everything in this school reminds students their own home: its teachers, its rooms and even its home food. The school has the so called Advisor System

Advisor System
This system connects each student with an academic advisor, who helps a student to reach an academic success and to make the right choice of a future specialization

The advantage of the school is a program called Advanced Placement.

Advanced Placement
This program allows students of grade 12 to study various selected subjects of the first course of universities in Canada and the US.

The college has modern classrooms, equipped with the latest technologies, library, laboratories, and computer rooms. The student will find various sports facilities on the territory of the campus such as an indoor pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer fields, fitness club and entertainment clubs. Sport activities are conducted by highly qualified coaches; many of them had experience of participation in the Olympic Games.


The school is located near the Bay of Quinte and downtown Belleville. Albert College occupies an area of 25 acres on the shores of Lake Ontario, near Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

Quiet and safe territory of the school creates a perfect atmosphere for studying and living in the school.


Albert College was founded in 1857 by the Methodist Episcopal Church as the Belleville Seminary. In 1866 it was reestablished into Albert College.

In 1917 the building of the school was partially destroyed by fire. The school was built on a present place in 1926.

The school accepted boys only, but in 1934 girls were welcome again.

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Mission and values
Mission and values

Mission - To inspire excellence in the 5 A’s: Academics, Arts, Athletics, Active Citizenship and Adventure.

  1. educating Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 students from Canada and around the world
  2. inspiring students to become leaders of character through pursuit of the 5 A’s
  3. supporting faculty and staff in the mastery of their professions and in the pursuit of teaching excellence
  4. creating a dynamic culture of learning supported by innovative technology and infrastructure
  5. honouring our past while preparing our students for their future