Stanstead College. Language adventure
About Stanstead College. Language adventure:

Students come to Stanstead College from around the world and for multiple reasons. Some are looking for a rigorous academic program to prepare themselves for university. Some want to improve their English. Some simply want to enjoy the one-of-a-kind experience of living and studying in a boarding environment. One way or another, it’s a big decision to make.

There are many things to attract a student to our school, all of which you’ll find outlined on this website and elsewhere. But there are just as many intangibles that you can’t really experience until you live them. One of the most profound of these intangibles is the family atmosphere of Stanstead College. We are situated on a big campus but we are a small community where everyone knows and supports each other. This includes the teachers and administrators, who are involved in all aspects of the students’ lives, whether in the classroom, in the residences or on the playing fields.

All this living together, dining together, being in clubs together, going on outings together – they forge extremely strong connections between the members of our community. Close relationships are born here, and they extend beyond a students’ time at Stanstead College and turn into lifelong friendships.

You will come to Stanstead College for many reasons. You will come back because it is home.