Cardiff Sixth Form College
About Cardiff Sixth Form College:

Cardiff Sixth Form College was set up in response to a perceived need in the community. The educational system at the time did not adequately cater for those students of high academic ability but relatively modest financial means. Those academically able students would, of course, still do well in a mainstream school but they would not excel or necessarily achieve their full potential. Moreover, due to intense competition for places on courses such as, Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering and other high demand courses it is necessary to excel. Thus the idea was formed to respond to this lack in the system.

The College began as a small private tutorial centre in 2004.

It had charitable status from the beginning with just a small number of students from the local community. Even at this stage with a combination of small class sizes, individual attention and excellent teaching - the results were first class. Success breeds success, so as local demand grew it was thought that an international school which brought together some of the most talented students from different countries would provide a stimulating environment in which to study. It is our experience that our overseas students bring an enthusiasm and focus to their studies, which is enhancing for local students. Seeing learners who are hungry for knowledge is an effective antidote for those who take education too easily for granted. Besides, some of the money accrued is used to support and sponsor those students in the local community by way of scholarship awards. Fast-forward to the present, and close to £300,000 is being allocated to local students in the form of scholarships. In this way the college fulfils part of its charitable remit and is proud of its tradition of supporting emerging role-models.     

Naturally, this quite rapid growth has necessitated a corresponding development on all fronts:

  1. the small teaching and administrative facility of old has relocated to our present much enlarged premises, still close to the heart of Cardiff city;
  2. more spacious, modern accommodation was needed, as well as, more staff both teaching and administrative.