Bishop’s College School

Both the English and French curricula offer instruction at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Each level includes oral and written work and offers a solid base for practice in grammar and conversation. In general, the emphasis is placed on an improvement in spoken French and English but appropriate supplementary study is given in reading, writing, and comprehension skills.

Classes usually consist of 10 to 14 students. This small class size allows for more individual attention for each student and yet the groups are large enough to maintain a healthy class spirit. Classes meet six mornings a week and Monday through Thursday evenings. Placement tests are administered at the beginning of camp and class tests are given on a regular basis. Reports are made to parents at the conclusion of the month. The School strives to maintain a warm atmosphere and places equal emphasis on academic progress and personal well-being.


Courses are conducted by a team of carefully selected, qualified and enthusiastic teachers.

The residential atmosphere and small classes provide the ideal situation for the benefit of all students, regardless of their level of achievement.

Bright, pleasant study areas, modern methods, and a flexible programme provide us with the means to assist students in their work.

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Behavioural problems in the classroom and/or residence will not be tolerated. Smoking, drinking and the use of illegal drugs are prohibited. Serious misconduct of any kind will bring immediate expulsion with no refund of fees.


The sports and activities programme, an integral part of the summer camp experience, consists of supervised team sports and off-campus activities in the afternoons.

Each week, students choose a sport from among a list including soccer, tennis, softball, volleyball, squash, basketball, flag football and ultimate frisbee. Two afternoons a week, students participate in an off-campus activity of their choice such as swimming, canoeing, go-karting, laser tag or bowling.

On Saturday evenings and Sundays there are planned activities which include dances, the Bromont Water Slides, La Ronde amusement park and more. Field trips supplement all programmes and major cultural trips are used as necessary extensions of the language courses.

A nurse or first responder is on duty 24 hours a day and serious medical problems are referred to one of the Sherbrooke area hospitals, five minutes away. Students who cannot participate in recreational activities for medical reasons must provide a doctor’s note to that effect. Students who must take prescribed medication are asked to bring these medications to the nurse when they arrive. All students who are non-residents of Canada will be covered by the School’s medical insurance policy. This amount is included in the international student fee.