About us
about us

International educational agency ICEA has been helping youth to achieve their goals for more than 15 years. Respectable education, in the understanding of the agency, should be the main goal of motivated and determined young people. That is why we have chosen for you the variety of the leading schools and summer programs.

We are certain that each student is unique. Our main goal is to help you discover the hidden talents of your child.

Choosing the school is very responsible and important step. We supply you with the variety of the best programs out there, which makes the decision process hard. However, we will help you to make the right decision, which will completely reflect your possibilities and the desires of your child.

The correct choice of school and summer program is a milestone towards the future of any person.
Your child deserves the best!
Trust the professionals.
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The Silver winner in the category “Small Agency of 2012”

On May 2013 - we became The Silver winner in the category “Small Agency of 2012”!!! announced by The Premier Agency Business Awards (Canada).

We are proud that we gained international recognition, and our efforts have been honorably appreciated in promotion of educational programs.

our mission

The biggest value any person can have is a child. Thus, the hardest profession is parenting. In order to help you with this complicated task, we would like to help you chose the best education for your future student. We will tell you the specifics of each school that we offer or pick the best summer camp, which would reflect the talents and needs of your child.

Each of us holds an incredible talent that was given by the almighty God.

This is why children have a bright star inside of them, which we would like to help you light up on the immerse universe of knowledge.